Posted by: fullandbye | June 27, 2007

Duck Dodge Retrospective

Best sail race ever. We got our ass kicked by another 505, but 4th place finish on a challenging boat rarely sailed by the skipper and never before sailed by the crew is pretty decent. Our tight turn around the 2nd leeward mark drew applause and admiration; amazing how many people do not know how to steer with sails. Running downwind with the chute up and passing a lot of the faster boats was amazing.

Such a good time. Thanks to Denny and Derrick for providing my wardrobe. I have never been catcalled so much in my life!

And Alyssa Kay was on the committee boat! So weird to run into her. And the look on her face when she realized what Josh and I were wearing was just priceless.

Before the race:

Getting towed to Lake Union:

Unfortunately, no good action shots were taken (that I know of).


  1. You have any pictures? Or just a description?

  2. Thanks for the funny message after the race was over! I’m glad you had a good time.

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