Posted by: fullandbye | June 26, 2007

should you happen to look upon the lake…

Tonight’s Duck Dodge is “prom night”.
Considering that I never went to my senior prom, I have decided to join a bunch of other sailors who collectively decided to race tonight…in drag.

So if you happen to look upon Lake Union this evening, or if you happen to be at the UW WAC between 5:30-6:00 or so, be sure to look out for white-hulled dinghy with the numbers 505 on the mainsail. There is usually another 505 that races duck dodge, but it is highly doubtful that the other one will have a hairy man in a leopard print dress sailing it.

Oh man, looking for dresses at goodwill yesterday was aaaaawkwaaaard (and baffling, how the hell do women’s sizes work?!). Fortunately two good friends provided suitable attire. The pink bridesmaid dress was pretty awesome, but my 24″ shoulder could hardly move in that thing, so I decided to wear the sleeveless leopard print dress because it affords decent mobility and 505 sailing is a lot of work.

Also, someone saw me. “Wooden Boat Center, 49 bus” was totally me. We shall see if anything comes of this, but a nice ego boost regardless.


  1. I really hope you have pictures of you in your dress…

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