Posted by: fullandbye | June 24, 2007


Two squalls in two days.

Cruised to Kingston yesterday on a 27′ sloop with two others, both experienced crew. About 12 hours total on the water, I was at the helm going through the locks on the way out, and it was not as difficult as I expected. Once out of Shilshole, an easy downwind reach across to Kingston.

Left Kingston and raised sail just outside the breakwater. Headed into the sound and the rising southerlies compelled a sail change after 1/2 hour or so. An hour or so passed, and the winds got more intense around Jefferson Point. Traffic in the shipping lane made reaching across the sound a dangerous proposition, so we headed towards Port Madison, and straight into a squall. In the middle of 20kts of breeze, put a reef in the main, then reefed again 1/2 hour later as the swells that had been building as the system was in South Sound earlier started pitching the boat around pretty violently. Boat handled beautifully with lapper and double-reefed main.
Decent ride back to the locks, lots of spray and some sizable waves. Tied up around 9:30 and slept like a baby.

Sailed the lake with Denny on a Cal 20 today. Pushed off in moderate breeze and headed for Kirkland. Approached Kirkland considering mooring and finding some snacks, but the rising wind and risky docking under sail nixed that plan. Headed off on a reach for Magnuson, and looked south to see low, dark clouds over Renton. All around, dramatic skies with different sorts of clouds and highly localized rain streaks. Sure enough, the front barreled over us in a half hour or so, and the boat heeled sharply and the wind howled through the rigging and caused the leech of the main to flog like mad. Rough time beating south as the excessive heel made weather helm pretty hard to handle. Ended up pinching quite a bit with sails undersheeted. Made it to where we could reach comfortably across Union Bay and headed west towards the docks just as the rain picked up.

Beers with Denny.
Most amazing rainbow ever.
At mom’s place with some good company.

All in all, a very good weekend.


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