Posted by: fullandbye | June 14, 2007

drunken musings

Duck Dodge yesternight. Jumped off Kelly’s boat to do a couple laps on my friend’s sailboat. I prefer sailing to being at anchor in a sternwheeler any day. The captain of Banjo also skippers Virginia V, and he trusted me enough to send me to the bilge to flake the anchor chain (even less glamorous than it sounds!). Oh, good times on the water.

Taught a class at CWB. Rode like mad to fremont (ran into Cass on the way) to check out a craigslist couch.

Biked up to Tangletown for beers with the SA crowd, including Yonkers, whom I have not seen in a very long time. So good to see him. I eagerly await his return in September.

Arrived home and directed the couch deliverator to my house. Couch man arrived, and he looks like jesus. The couch fits under the loftbed more perfectly than I could have hoped for. My room just needs some art on the walls, a shelf or two built, and a few other touches until it is done. Boy oh boy has this ever been a work in progress!

A story about rent-a-goats is front page on the PI at this hour of night.


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