Posted by: fullandbye | May 20, 2007


Africa, April 2008 (tentative departure).

The Asia project sounds interesting. It incorporates some agricultural work, and specifically stated that the volunteer must be willing to commute 3-7 miles per day via bicycle.

The Africa project has to do with building NGO capacity, and volunteers are encouraged to get some experience with HIV/AIDS issues prior to departure.
Africa it is though. There is pretty much nowhere in Africa that does not excite me, whereas I am lukewarm about much of Asia and feel a genuine terror at the thought of living in outer Mongolia for 2 years, even though I think I would fit in better there than in the south.

Conversation with recruiter happened on Friday afternoon. I received my official nomination letter yesterday. Waiting for more documents from the DC headquarters before I can proceed.

Information very sparse at this point. But I did a little research and determined that I will most likely not go to W. Africa (although anything is possible), but will more likely go to one of the following countries:

South Africa

Somewhat likely:

Not very likely:


  1. I’m visiting my sister who’s a peace corps volunteer in paraguay right now (agro sector, bee keeping), got to site in december. feel free to ask me any questions you want about the experience.

  2. i hope
    botswana! it’s by all accounts lovely.

  3. Re: i hope
    Botswana would be cool (I could learn Tswana!)
    But top choice for me is Mozambique.

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