Posted by: fullandbye | May 16, 2007

two offers

Two options from Peace Corps.

Asia project leaving in January.
Africa project leaving in April.


  1. As far as dilemmatic horns go, this one ain’t bad…


  3. congrats and good luck choosing!

  4. Do you know what parts?

  5. yes!

  6. hooo.rah. and ditto on the what parts…

  7. bull in a china closet
    i say APRIL!
    obviously such large constructions as the terms asia and africa lend to gross generalizing. but if we are playing the game, and there are no specifics, then i say raz is for africa. no offense, but i can’t imagine you in asia. unless you were with the mongols or something. africa is the place that i can see welcoming your spirit. your laugh and chest thumping.
    i’m excited for you!

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