Posted by: fullandbye | May 13, 2007

dragon, loft bed, picnic

First week at Very pleased with transition to new job. Hopefully I get hired on fulltime salaried sooner rather than later.

Busy Patterns Party rocked the house. So fun.

Today I spent about three hours putting the second of ten coats of varnish on a lovely little sloop that is hauled out. This boat is of particular historic significance, and it will be a real honor to sail her once she is launched.

Following my varnishing, I spent some time chatting with Heron the CWB boatwright about life, transitions, and using the CWB shop to build my bed (yes!) then I took some new SailNOW students for a spin in the Dragon, which was great fun. Of particular joy was docking that boat under sail in front of 20 onlookers who were convinced I would ram the dock, only to see me push the helm hard over and gracefully swing the bow out and the stern in to have the boat stop exactly where I wanted it as my crew stepped off gently with the docking lines in their hands.

Trip to Olsen lumber was productive. Did not buy anything, but did get the stuff priced out and will formulate a plan to at least begin new bed construction tomorrow.

Napped at Chargo’s house following lumber trip, and went for sunset picnic at Golden Gardens, which turned out to be a pretty ideal way to end this Saturday.

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