Posted by: fullandbye | April 22, 2007

road trip numbers

Seven BLM sites.
Six days.
Five hotel rooms.
Four fuel stops.
Three border patrol checkpoints.
Two states.
One rental car.
1200 miles of desert highway.

That trip was exhausting and exhilarating.

Also, I am moving into my new place today. Need to go pick up a few things from the eastside right now, but will be around later. Call if you want to help or keep me company while I get my new place in order. In addition to my fabulous company, I will probably have some choice beverages on hand to share with minions esteemed guests.



  1. There are few things better than the open road, new places to visit, and a good buddy to visit them with.
    Huzzah for roadtrips!

  2. Traveling for work is not quite the same thing, but it was an allright time.

  3. Where are you moving to? Will be back on Thursday, maybe I can check it out this weekend? (Unless the mothership comes into town) Oh, and I just bought a new shisha pipe! (aka houka or water pipe) you will have to de virginize it with me!

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