Posted by: fullandbye | April 11, 2007

what rhymes with spinnaker?

Money does not buy happiness, but money can buy wallets made of sailcloth! (Incidentally, this website is really ugly).

Also, my uncle is visiting from Toronto this weekend, and he is one of my favorite people ever. It will be great to see him.

Also also, I am going to Arizona next week for work, which will be intense.

Also also also, I move when I get back, and will finally live on the hill.

Also also also also, I love teaching sailing and have decided to embrace that activity as my primary non-work focus of this summer.

Also x 5, this morning I crept up on Jay and grabbed his ass while he was on the phone with his grandmother. Hilarity ensued.



  1. were you spending the night at our house last night? and i missed you? (i’m sorry, if so, that my bedroom was so messy!)

  2. Slyly I peaked at her,
    admired her spinnaker
    graceful, bow and line.
    One day I’ll a be a winner
    and she
    she will be be mine

  3. Forrest Winnicker? Whoever he is?

  4. Our paths intersected at 5th and James.
    Also, are you kidding me? Apologies are great and all, but even if I had invited myself over to your house and slept in your bed (and sat in your chair and ate your porridge etc.) without even making my presence known, the last thing I would expect from you is an apology for the state of the room I would have slept in uninvitedly. Sheesh!

  5. Ah — the joys of ass grabbing in the presence of elderly relatives! 🙂
    C U when U get back.

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