Posted by: fullandbye | April 8, 2007

duality of power

I have been meditating on the tract of Torah that was read the week of my Bar Mitzvah. A particularly “dense” chapter, this chapter contains many of the commandments pertaining to Jewish ritual, as well as a really strange section that convinced me that the Jewish god is a vegetarian; this is all peripheral to what I think is the main theme of the chapter. This chapter begins with an address from god (speaking through Moses) to the Israelites “See I set before you this day a blessing and a curse”, and then establishes that because humans choose the lives we lead, we are able to recognize that some choices are a blessing and some choices are a curse. In this particular context, the blessing is to follow the path of god, and the curse is to be led astray and not follow the path of god. But as I considered these verses, I realized that it is not just our decisions which are blessings or curses, our ability to choose is in and of itself a blessing and a curse. I get ahead of myself.

Our greatest assets, in moments of weakness, become our greatest liabilities. Words have tended to do me well, but language can be very dangerous when our tongues outrun our judgment.

Thinking about the concept of atonement. It is something I think about considerably, especially recently. At-one-ment. It is more beautiful this way.


  1. I agree. That is beautiful.

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