Posted by: fullandbye | March 27, 2007


Was feeling lukewarm about moving out of Pacho. Went by yesternight to speak with the housemates, and merely setting foot in there was enough to remind me, once and for all, that I simply cannot remain in that house.

I intend to clear my stuff out by Saturday. It is looking highly doubtful that someone will be found for April, so the best I can hope for now is to pro-rate that month and find someone sooner rather than later.

I also have not yet found a place, although to be honest, living quietly for a month with my father and his wife is sounding more and more appealing. Their house is extremely zen, and I could use the calm right about now.


  1. What/where are you looking? How much do you want to spend? How many bedrooms and baths?

  2. Looking in UD, Roosevelt, Montlake, Capitol Hill, First Hill, Central District.
    Looking at studios, 1brs, and rooms in shared houses. Would like to optimally spend <800 for total monthly. I am not too torn up about living with the 'rents for a bit, so I figure it is better to take look around until I find a place that really works for me.

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