Posted by: fullandbye | February 23, 2007

beer notes

I never did a write up of the cranbeery I brewed last month.

After 1 week of primary fermentation and 1 week of secondary, I bottled the beer with 3/4 cups priming sugar and bottle conditioned for two weeks before sampling.

After 2 weeks, the beer was carbonated (it could have stood a bit more carbonation) and quite drinkable. Flavors trended towards hop end of the balance with very light malt flavors. The cranberry addition manifested itself with a fruity smell, reddish coloration, and a really tart finish that stayed on the palate after the hop flavors subsided. After two weeks, beer was still a bit “green” with cidery flavors that were not at all intended or desired.

Tried it again a few days ago…big difference. Cidery green flavors are gone. The beer is much more balanced, and while still hoppy, is less so than many local IPA’s. The fruitiness still manifests itself in the smell of the beer, as well as in a snappy tart finish that is unlike any other beer I have ever sampled. All told, now that things have mellowed out, I am well pleased with my creation.

I thought the cranberry would give the beer a nice wintry flavor, but the beer is completely unlike a winter ale. The beer is refreshing and crisp and perfect for warm weather drinking, so I will likely be brewing another batch soon in preparation for the warm weather that is just around the corner.

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