Posted by: fullandbye | February 22, 2007


Although it vexes me to say it, Brandon has won the bet. So now he owes me ten bucks instead of fifteen.

The beard got really curly under my chin. As it curled in on itself, it literally started tugging constantly at my face, which was really painful. It was at the point where the chinstrap of my bicycle helmet caused me constant pain (not discomfort mind you, real pain, like someone pulling your hair, except on your face). So yesterday I arrived home after my navigation class and without ceremony I shaved the beard and restored my old look.

The Beard is dead. Long live The Beard!


  1. and I never got to see it 😦

  2. I took some photos yesterday minutes before I did the deed.
    There are some other photos of it floating around the interweb too.

  3. Yes, I too never got to behold the beard in it hirsute glory although I feel like its become one of my lj friends and I’ve heard various reports from our shared aquaintances. I hope to see the pictoral evidence one of these days but I totally support the conceding to a bet due to pain quotient.
    Hows the navigation class going? I’ve been meaning to take one of those FOREVER.

  4. Did you at least figure out how many pencils you could put in it before shaving?

  5. I ran out of pencils at 17 at work the other day, but I think I could have gotten at least another five in there.

  6. Nav class is going well. I need to get some on the water practice though.

  7. I’m happy to hear it, Raz. Kudos to you for a valiant effort.

  8. no more pirate raz :/

  9. I still have some facial hair, just nothing like I had before.

  10. where once there was pillow, now there is scratch.

  11. yeah but that shit was on a serious ahab tip

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