Posted by: fullandbye | February 19, 2007

6 canteens of spoon sauce

Trial run of foreign language cooking went, uh, successfully?

What I mean is this: End product was quite edible, we had lots of fun cooking it, and the savory tart thing somewhat resembled the appetizing photograph in the Russian cookbook.

Accuracy is a whole other story. The recipe (as we can best appreciate it using google translator) called for sausage, and instead we used ground lamb. It called for olives, but we used zucchini (the photo was confusing). Strangest of all, the recipe called for “six canteens of spoon sauce”, and I am completely bewildered what ingredient stood in for the six canteens of spoon sauce that we may or may not have used.


  1. what, pray tell, is spoon sauce?

  2. According to Chris, what google translates as spoon sauce is actually mayonnaise.
    We did not use any mayonnaise; a decision with which I am well pleased.

  3. dude, you don’t dig mayonnaise?

  4. I find it revolting.

  5. the sour cream was a way better choice.

  6. and you’ve never seen my mayonnaise either…
    But you like eggs, oil, etc on their own, no?

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