Posted by: fullandbye | February 7, 2007


Yesterday we gained 3 minutes of daylight, and this rate of change will speed up for the next 6 weeks.

Christopher Moore’s Lamb just might be the most hilarious thing I have ever read.

Tonight I begin a 7 week class on piloting and navigation. Good times.


  1. When I taught RE in Ohio, we read Lamb, and it was the best experience.
    I’d forgotten all about that book- you reminding me of it today is timely!

  2. That is absolutly one of my favorite books ever. I am glad other people enjoy it as well.

  3. now that I’m unemployed, can you take me on a little sailing jaunt? An afternoon in Lake Union? I’ll bring lunch

  4. Sure, except that I am employed, so until the days get considerably longer (like, in April) it will have to be either during a weekend, or during a day I take off.
    I might be up for something this Friday actually. I am considering taking the day off. Drop me a line and let me know.

  5. so…. when can we sail to hawaii?

  6. 7 weeks is not enough to learn offshore nav.
    Getting to Hawaii requires celestial navigation, about which I know nothing and will still know practically nothing at the end of this course.
    But I will hopefully have a decent working knowledge of coastal navigation which relies on dead reckoning and piloting using landmarks. (Navigation is finding your way in a boat, piloting is finding your way in a boat that is generally in sight of land, and this is a piloting class).
    Could you settle for Pt. Townsend or San Juan Islands? Not as palmy as Hawaii, but the beer is better.

  7. no. we are going to hawaii. what do I need to do to get ready.

  8. You need to:
    1) Buy a boat and equip it for long distance cruising.
    2) Learn excellent seamanship including coastal and offshore plotting and navigation, weather, rules of the road, provisioning, boat maintenance, and advanced sailing technique.
    Either that, or you flap your arms really hard or get some pixie dust and think really happy thoughts.
    I suppose that booking passage on a commercially operated flying machine or vessel of the sea works too.

  9. raz… don’t frustrate me.

  10. You seem like a pretty righteous sort.
    you could always try this:

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