Posted by: fullandbye | January 30, 2007

frosty roads

Bit it on the way to work this morning.

Tore up the right side of my trousers (my cellphone pocket particularly). Amazed that my cellphone survived with a nary a scratch.

My overall temperament has greatly improved since the days have become noticeably longer. Rosy skies and dusky air until 18:00 make for one cheery boy.

Today is beautiful. This is not news I know. But it is good to speak the obvious now and then: Today is beautiful.

It is good to go to a pub to meet some friends whom you have not seen in far too long, and to have other friends descend upon the same pub at the same time as if by chance. When one group left I sat with the other and thought about how one crosses paths with so many others, each contributing in their own unique way. It made me very glowy.

I can also now hold some number of pencils in my beard.


  1. Everyone had accidents this morning! Was it the ice?

  2. Yeah. That in combination with being distracted because it was so frickin gorgeous out.
    I was really careful and almost made it to work without incident. As I turned onto Bell from 7th though I took the turn a little too sharp and banked a little too much and then skidded across all lanes of Bell eventually stopping when my tires hit the far curb. I am EXTREMELY FORTUNATE that there was no other traffic on the street at the time of my spill. I walked away bruised and dirty with torn trousers. Things could have been drastically worse.

  3. man, i saw a terrible car vs. motorcycle accident this morning over by the montlake bridge, must have happened like 5 minutes before i got there. I was on my bike and thanked my sainted stars i had left late for class.

  4. I do the evening thing and don’t get out until 10, so the roads are always totally clear. It’s after the mess clears up, but before everything freezes again. It’s also apparently when the car chases happen – there were cops zooming around downtown after someone last night.

  5. You were indeed quite lucky! Too bad about the bruises and pants, though. Is the bike okay?

  6. Bike is fine. I ride a Surly in no small part because steel is so crashable. I also like Surly because they build bikes that you can fuck with as much as you like. I think I have 2″ of fender clearance front and back, and although I am running slicks, the bike could take just about whichever tires (and hubs) that I wanted.
    If you want to see just how customizable Surlys can get, check this shit out!.

  7. Holy crap, that’s a long fork. You could get those studded tires they’ve got now… 🙂

  8. I haven’t seen you in far too long

  9. Seriously. When are you free?

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