Posted by: fullandbye | January 23, 2007


Caught the redline to Cambridge and looked for a lively place to watch the State of the Union address. Could not find one (I was surprised), so I went to a pretty decent hotel bar just off Harvard Square and ended up shooting the shit with an awesome boomer from San Clemente out to see his daughter.

We talked politics, movies (being from San Clemente, he was a huge fan of Brick), and just about everything else. Then cracked jokes with some random businessmen, the Irish bartender, and a Cameroonian off-duty waiter as Bush bumbled through his fluff. The boomer ended up picking up my tab, which was really sweet of him. He said something about my reaffirming his faith in my generation, and then I think he tried to set me up with his daughter.

Otherwise this trip has gone pretty well. Meetings and trainings all day long, then a mad dash to get some work done afterhours and still have the energy to enjoy this city after dark.

With windchill, the temperature here will get into negative double digits before I leave on Friday evening.

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