Posted by: fullandbye | January 20, 2007

Cranberry Golden Ale

Racking from the primary fermenter into the carboy I poured a couple ounces of Cranbeery into a mug.

The verdict: It tastes good! Hoppy flavors with a fruity nose. The hoppiness will mellow out over secondary fermentation, and even more during conditioning, so I went ahead and added another 16oz of pure cranberry juice, bringing the total up to 48oz of cranberry juice in this beer.

Final result will be tart for sure. But I think that the flavor will be agreeable after all is said and done.

Oh, it is a really beautiful color too. If looks were all I had to go by, I would drink this beer for sure.



  1. So when’s the party, Raz? When’s the party?

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