Posted by: fullandbye | December 22, 2006


Happy solstice everyone.

This day is one second longer, and the night one second shorter, than yesterday.
Tomorrow we gain 7 seconds over today, and on Sunday we gain 12 seconds over tomorrow. This trend will accelerate as we approach the equinox, and will then slow down again as we approach the summer solstice.

In other news:

I tacoed my front wheel on Monday evening and am getting the replacement only today.

Prior to fucking my front wheel, I did not use my shifters once in the previous two weeks. This sort of behavior makes me want to build up a fixie real bad.

I had a dream a couple nights ago about the most beautiful biycle. It was a glossy black bike with chrome tips. Definitely a hot 80’s frame, lugged steel and all. It had celeste colored deep v’s, celeste bar tape on its bullhorns, and a silver saddle to match the chrome. It was gorgeous. Since then I have been on the lookout for 56cm black and chrome frames that could convert to fixie riding.

My compy is still fucked. I am taking it into the apple store today to get looked at. Not too excited about what it might cost to fix.

Sailed yesterday for the first time in more than a week. Even in a wetsuit, the water in the lake is fucking cold. Winds were moderate, but the gusts were fierce. Aside from my laser, there was one other boat out, a doublehanded dinghy sailed by a guy who clearly had no idea what he was doing, was not rated for the winds, and was itrying to impress some girl who had never before been sailing.

They got blown clear across the bay, and he was unable to sail upwind off the lee shore. We had to tow them back in a whaler, and it was a wonder they did not capsize. If they had capsized it could have been really bad. At this time of year, tiny Asian girls wearing jeans will be in the early stages of hypothermia in under ten minutes, and they will lose the ability to assist in their rescue long before that.



  1. That’s funny, not using my shifters is what prompted me to make the change to fixie, too.
    How’d you taco the wheel?

  2. It was late and I was tired. I was charging up Bagley from the BGT and I forgot to avoid the little gap in the middle of the road between slabs of concrete. It grabbed my wheel and I nearly went endo, but instead I fell to the side and twisted the front wheel real bad. Then I got up and started laughing really hard.

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