Posted by: fullandbye | November 23, 2006


Took the day off Monday and attempted to sail the Rumrunner with Amy. Winds were steady at 20, then gusts of above 30. That boat lacks a cunningham, a working outhaul, and a reefing hook, so with little I could do to depower the sail, we got blown all over and after about 20 minutes of sailing uncomfortably we dropped sails and headed back to the dock, which just happened to be a lee shore (docking was exciting to say the least).

Amy and I had pho, then visited Liz in her studio. After saying goodbye, I hightailed it to the WAC, and arrived just in time to convince a chief to administer an intermediate ratings test for singlehanded dinghies. I rigged up and headed out to the far corner of Union Bay. The winds had died down considerably, but picked up in time for the test, which I passed with little ado (I was going a little too fast for a perfect crew overboard recovery, so I had to redo that a few times to show that I can STOP the boat for a rescue, but otherwise the exam went perfectly). Sam took off in the whaler to check on another sailor, and told me he would see me back at the docks. By this point, the winds had picked up tremendously, and I was sailing close hauled in a full on plane back to the dock when my hiking strap broke! Of course, I fell backwards into the water and almost got nailed in the head with the centerboard as the boat capsized next to me, then righted the boat and retied the hiking strap, but somehow during the capsize the cockpit drain plug got lost, so I arrived at the docks with a swamped boat, but also a new rating that allows me to sail in winds of up to 15kts in Union Bay. The best part about this rating is that it will allow me to practice in weather heavy enough to ultimately pass a skipper test, at which point the lake will be my domain.

Erev Thanksgiving yesterday was delightful, except for a little spat with Liz which was unproductive as it was pointless. I hope it does not ruin her evening. Following what should have been a nap (but instead turned into a spat) I went over to Rhiannon’s apartment and discovered the odd joy of bicycling while wearing a bowtie. Had a lovely time, and then walked in the midnight rain with Chris back to my house, from whence I gave him a ride to his house.

Today was also delightful. Woke up later than I had anticipated, and then went down to the docks for a pre-thanksgiving sail using my new rating. Winds were strong and the sailing was fast. Sailing in the rain is really not all that bad (assuming the winds are strong enough that you capsize in your wetsuit, then you are already wet, so what difference does rain make?) but I might have to draw the line with hail. I got hailed on while far away from the dock, and it was quite unpleasant, although an experience.

Came home and showered, then to my fathers for a lengthy and delicious meal with my extended step-family.

Now it is off to find a bar that is open. Drop me a line if you want to go drinking and recover from family time.

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