Posted by: fullandbye | October 1, 2006

disposable economy and the ugliest cellphone case ever

the clear plastic part of my cellphone shell has finally broken. This is several months after sustaining a few cracks, the most recent of which made the display somewhat hard to read.

But get this, despite the fact that the faceplate and backing are easily removed and therefore interchangeable, there exists practically no aftermarket! My phone is still on the market, yet Cingular has no replacement shell for it. Likewise, wandering around Northgate mall (shudder) I found practically no places with covers for sale. I finally did find one, but because I was s disgusted at the mere thought of having a phone with a “god bless america” ribbon as the graphic, I instead settled for a REALLY ugly spiderweb type design.

The one good thing about this? I did not pay for the case. The replacement was mildly broken to begin with (the aftermarket is much cheesier than the original) and my general unhappiness with my situation compelled the girl behind the counter to observe “you seem like you are having a bad day. I am going to give you this. It’s already sort of broken, not worth the $21.99 I am supposed to charge you, and is fucking ugly. There is no way we are going to ever sell that”.

Finding a replacement shell actually made by Nokia might be harder than I had originally supposed.


  1. Another welcome to our disposable society.

  2. pictures, friend, pictures. calling nokia wont fix your problem.

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