Posted by: fullandbye | September 28, 2006

Chopin Liszt

Liz told me this morning to go to TJ’s and buy groceries.

I know I am supposed to pick up some more salad stuff (I might pick up greens from the market instead) but aside from this I am drawing blanks on what I am supposed to get.

I have written an email to Liz requesting some sort of list, but she has yet to respond, so instead of waiting for her suggestions, I think I will expand my shopping horizons by taking suggestions for things I should consider buying from Trader Joe’s.

That’s right people. This time it is up to you to come up with my TJ’s shopping list. I do not promise to buy everything suggested (I can only buy what will fit in my bike bag), but I do promise to give all suggestions consideration. I leave work at five, and I will check this post before I leave. I will also list purchases post shopping trip.

Sugar free jellybeans will not be considered a valid suggestion. Besides, I think the FDA made it illegal to sell that shit anymore.

(this could turn into a fun game).

She responded with a list, but it is small and not terribly interesting. I still want your suggestions.


  1. Dubliner cheese. Goes amazingly well with apples.

  2. TJ’s? Get frozen edamame, chocolate peanut clusters, and Boddington’s Ale. All the body needs!

  3. Garlic-stuffed olives
    Flying fish (frozen)
    Those chewy ice-cream balls from Japan (frozen)
    a nice shiraz, for me.

  4. delaforce port! and then bring it on the ride tonight.
    those chewy ice cream balls = mochi.
    the tj’s dark chocolate bars are apparently really awesome, my housemates love them.

  5. all of these are good suggestions. i don’t like peanuts. that’s it. otherwise, have a ball. also. add this to the list: marmalade.

  6. oh yes. and green tea mochi is preferred. also: rio red grapefruit juice.
    and! look to see if they carry any sort of butternut squash ravioli or something. perhaps we won’t have to make it from scratch, then.

  7. i’ve got a block frozen in the freezer. you can now buy at costco in large, large quantities… which is perfect.

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