Posted by: fullandbye | September 26, 2006

port angeles, hiking, rosh hashanah, nut punches

Thursday night ride to W. Seattle with Point 83. First ride with them in a long time. The night was lovely and clear, and the company was about as entertaining as anything you can imagine.

Friday took the day off to sail, but winds were so light that I pretty much just drifted about. Practiced bow steering and got used to being in the water with a wetsuit. I expected wetsuits to feel much wetter than they do. It makes sense though. We are all immersed in air right now, but it usually takes breeze or uncomfortable temperatures to really grok the air around us. So it is that the feeling of “wet” is not so much the feeling of immersion per se, but is rather the relative feeling of water moving over the skin, and also the feeling of the conductivity of water. In a wetsuit, you are wet but the water is not cold, nor does it move over your skin, so the feeling of wet is greatly muted by the warmth and the stasis of the water around you.

Friday evening. Erev Rosh Hashanah with my family, followed by a late ferry to the Peninsula with Liz.

Saturday bumming around the peninsula all day. Nothing hugely special happened. Liz and I had an amazing breakfast. Later on in the day she stepped in poop at the beach.

Sunday spent doing this hike with Liz. Wonderful and scenic, it was quite a workout as well.

Returned to Seattle yesterday afternoon and took the day off as well. Attempted to sail yet again, but the winds were really low, so I practiced driving the rescue barge and ended up powering across the lake to buy fuel for the Boston Whalers. As it is, the outboard ran out of gas about 50′ from the fuel dock, so I used my badass mariner’s mojo to drift to the fuel dock with barely any steerage. Then I sped back across the lake, now whitecapping in the much stronger breeze that unfortunately never made it to Union Bay.


  1. you forgot sunny farms and the salmon run festival. surely those are things worth noting, no?

  2. meh.

  3. you just enjoyed your west seattle ride with .83 because you didn’t get excessive nut-punching. yowza!

  4. OMG I LOVE SUNNY FARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have like 20 different types of gluten-free bread on top of being extremely awesome anyway.

  5. I was quite grateful to be far away from the game of nut punch. Mostly I just laughed by head off when Sean got his trousers ripped. That was hi-larious.

  6. that hike looks delightful, i’m jealous, i wish i were hiking.

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