Posted by: fullandbye | September 17, 2006

about as various as usual, perhaps slightly more so

I sailed a dragon boat yesterday at CWB. I do not know if ever I will sail a lovelier sloop than Pip. Just under 30 feet long, and narrow as she dares, this boat was built when Dragons were still raced in the Olympics. Although she is a class boat, and therefore can have precious few modifications, her rigging was adjusted somewhat for the 1968 Olympic trials in Acapulco, where the winds are notoriously light. As could be expected, it blew like stink and the featherweight sailors who crewed her had a beast of a time. But oh, what a lovely boat. Not a millimeter of slop in her helm, she pivots beautifully even in the lightest breeze, and her controls are as crisp as any I have ever experienced. I imagine that sailing her is the nautical equivalent to driving a classic Jaguar convertible. The International Dragon is a common boat, and there are really large fleets of them in Europe, but not so many around here. In fact, I have only seen two, the one I was on yesterday and the different and slightly less racy one picturedhere.

Also, I have two free tickets to see “This Film is Not Yet Rated” at the Metro on Wednesday evening. I will be attending, but if Liz does not wish to join me, then there will be one ticket up for grabs. Does anyone wish to see this documentary with me? It looks really good, and we have the ACLU to thanks for the promo.


  1. dam! I wanted to see that.
    Love for you from Utah.

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