Posted by: fullandbye | September 10, 2006

roundup: idaho, foulies, social transitions

Back in Seattle after a week in Idaho.

In McCall, Idaho I got accosted by some terrifying middle aged Oklahoman women who liked that I was wearing one of my several “Oklahoma” shirts. As I was trespassing onto a private beach that is part of the resort they were staying at, they called out to me “hey, Oklahoma, get over here!” and there was not much I could do to deny their demand. I wanted to say “I just got up from a nap, and your terrifying hairdos are enough to make me want to emigrate. Please let me proceed to the beach I am not supposed to enjoy” but instead I quietly told them that I am not an Oklahoman, and have never even considered visiting Oklahoma. I also let them know that the shirt came from a high school musical (I hoped they would take this to mean I was gay, and therefore not want anything else to do with me, but they actually took this bit of information as a cue to collectively sing highlights from the score). After five minutes of torturous smalltalk with them I finally beat a hasty retreat to the water.

There are few things like seeing the sunset reflected off Mt. Rainier as you come in for a landing. I experience this not too infrequently, and it blows my mind every time.

My house is nearly put away. Thank heavens.

I bought some really amazing foul weather gear. Ridiculous photos to come.

I need to learn more about wetsuits in the coming weeks.

I saw “Little Miss Sunshine” yesterday, and it is fucking brilliant.

It pains me to think how much I will miss Mo.

I dicovered cracks in my rear rim today. This puts Ruby out of commission until late this week. I think I would rather learn wheel building with a front wheel, and so after I get the new rear from Free Range I will tolerate mismatched wheels for some period of time, and will then probably build up a front wheel to match. Excited about black Deep V’s, also extremely grateful that I noticed failure before the wheel buckled while in traffic. That could have been bad.

Major social realization this evening. My outlook on friends, friendships, and community is in flux. I have been lacking a sort of intentionality that I think is important. I could write about this more, but these thoughts have not yet fully crystallized in my head, and I would rather not ramble more than I already have. This should suffice for the time being: I might seem withdrawn and antisocial. I am not sure if this is a correct assessment. I think that I have arrived at a point in my life where I simultaneously realize that I enjoy spending time with groups, but I am also drawn to a handful of activities that do not lend themselves well to group participation, and I am really appreciating both the solitude of doing something alone, and the intimacy of doing something with very few others. I have never before quite appreciated time alone as I do now, but I have also signficantly underappreciated the intimacy of time with few others. In my mind at least, the days of Wabi Domus Medius have passed, and because I no longer rely on a single setting to provide for social interactions with all the people I wish to interact with, in order to keep my friendships robust I must replace serendipitous interactions of customary location with intentional interactions of designated activity.

Put othwerwise, I am not sure where to find my friends, and I would rather interact with them while also doing something interesting, rather than just sitting in a house.

Put otherwise again, I am around, and I would love to see you, so drop me a line and we can plan something.

It is my bedtime.

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