Posted by: fullandbye | September 4, 2006


I have taken to peeing out my bedroom window!!!

I do this for a handful of reasons.

Reason the first: I do not like how the toilet in my new house flushes (you have to hold down the handle for 1/2 second more than I generally think necessary).

Reason the second: I do not like where the lightswitch is located.

Reason the third: It is really fun, especially in the early morning when the neighbors could ostensibly see me if they happened to be awake at such hours.

Oh gentle people, judge me not for this transgression. Judge me not, oh gentlemen (and limber ladies), rather emulate my new tradition and experience its glory for yourselves!



  1. ew

  2. You, Raz, are quite the idealist. Just be careful about mosquitos.

  3. you forgot to mention that you’re saving water by not flushing anything… although you’re probably creating some sort of mutated area in the backyard. shame, shame.

  4. could be worse- my exgf had taken to peeing in water glasses around her bed in the middle of the night when she didn’t feel like making it to the bathroom. that was almost extremely horrible one or two groggy mornings.
    good times.

  5. Yeah, try to aim for alternating spots or something, or you’ll have a very dead patch of grass.

  6. I second this. If I start to notice pee smell you’ll be in super big trouble, sir.

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