Posted by: fullandbye | August 31, 2006

the summer wind

As summer tapers off down, I find it even more horrible than usual to be stuck indoors on a day such as this.

Through my office window I can see Elliot bay. The water is darker than it has been recently, with whitecaps shimmering across an almost uniform blue.

“Looks like a gorgeous northerly of 15 knots or so” I remarked to my coworker.

Looked it up online…and indeed, gorgeous northerly breeze of about 15 knots. The ferries transmit wind data to a realtime display. These winds are perfect. They are consistent and strong across pretty much the entire Puget Sound right now.



  1. Whenever I feel that way, I just remember how very, very nice it is to get a paycheck on a regular basis.

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