Posted by: fullandbye | August 30, 2006


End of the federal fiscal year = lots of requisitions and new projects for the BLM.

Lots of new projects for the BLM = lots of work for ECO = lots of work for Raz.

Lots of new projects + planning work trip for Idaho + ongoing normal workload = shit ton of work for Raz.

Holy fuck am I stressed. I am not sure if the tightness in my quads is from sprinting up Dexter this morning (I overslept and was in a hurry) or from stress.


  1. probably from stress. you should take a bath. and suck it up… baths are nice and calming.

  2. i have a new plan of action from far away.
    go to this website:
    call the number. make yourself a nice long appointment. now!

  3. let me know if I can be of help working some of the stress out of your shoulders

  4. oh by the way I can give you rent tomorrow when i get home i’m sorry for not leaving a check i completely spaced.
    love from cali.

  5. Sounds good to me.
    When do you get in?

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