Posted by: fullandbye | August 26, 2006


So much work on the Rumrunner in the past few days.

Have been stripping and varnishing the planks that fit in the companionway. From weathered gray and brittle varnish emerges the glistening texture of glossy mahogany. It will look so good when I am done.

Trimmed her standing rigging, which should take some stress off the mast-step. Used a compression stud to take about 2.5″ off her backstay, and thank goodness I did not take any more.

Stepped the mast today with Chris and Andrew Worsley (strangely enough, I got the call to work on the boat as I was riding to CWB to work on other boats). The yard where she is hauled out has perhaps 6 or 7 boats on the hard within sight of the Rumrunner, and when we stepped the mast, all eyes were on us. Someone finally came over and observed that stepping your own mast with only three people is badass. Badass indeed, it was really fucking difficult.

The standing rigging is tight, glass patches are forthcoming. Her interior needs work of course, but it seems like the general sentiment is to keep her as a daysailor rather than a cruiser. Come a few more days, she will be in the water once again, and sailable for the first time in a long time. This is more than I expected, and it gladdens me greatly. Despite being stripped down and worn on the inside, her hull really is something incredible, no matter what her detractors say.

I missed the bike-in festival at Magnuson. After a long and hot day working on one sailboat and sailing another, I really just wanted to shower, get into some dry clothes, and call it a night.

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