Posted by: fullandbye | August 21, 2006

sailing sailing

Crew Overboard Clinic on Saturday gave me an idea how fucking difficult it is to get someone back into a keelboat from the water. If they are conscious and able to assist in their own recovery it becomes possible, but getting deadweight into the boat, let alone into some sort of harness was almost impossibly difficult, and this was tied up at a dock on a gorgeous august day with lots of crew.

Evidently, survival statistics for COB in Puget Sound are very grim, <50% recovery. Scary scary shit.

In other news, I took a CWB boat out yesterday, a Ben Seaborn design called the Sierra, from which the Thunderbird is derived. The boat is essentially a Thunderbird which is planked instead of built with plywood, but handles in much the same way (a joy to sail). At the north end of the Lake, we heeled to nearly 45 degreese just as a duck tour was passing. Unfortunately, my "Le Canard Non!" shirt was obstructed by my PFD. The moment our rail was in the water, all eyes (many of them peering through viewfinders) were on us.

Following CWB, I rode to the WAC and took out a Hobie SX-18 (a performance catamaran) with a very experienced catamaran sailor. I learned how to fly an assymetrical spinnaker on a catamaran, and once we were on the lake, he passed the helm to me and told me how to trapeze while commanding a catamaran making 10+ knots while flying a hull. Trapeze harnessing on a catamaran is one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced.


  1. you are such a sailing nerdlinger. 🙂

  2. I am NOT!

  3. perhaps you should start a poll. i think others would agree with me.
    love! 😀

  4. YOU start a poll, if you are so convinced. (also, I do not have a paid account).

  5. i am convinced, however i also do not have a paid account.

  6. I am with you on this one, Liz, and I”m out to prove it using SCIENCE.

  7. oh man. this is great. embarrassing those you love.

  8. it is only ok because he is one we love. and only embarassing because it RAZ who is a big nerdlinger.

  9. oh of course! i wouldn’t say these things out of nothing BUT love.

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