Posted by: fullandbye | August 18, 2006


*THE EVENING—riding from work to the WAC to Magnuson Park for blackberrys and then from Magnuson to Cinerama, stopping at the liquor store for booze, and then at PCC for sandwiches
*CINERAMA—Standing in the lobby and not wanting to pay for a $4 bottle of water, having the concessionaire instead give me three cups of ice water
*THE PREVIEWS!!! JACKASS 2!!! BEER FEST!!! BORAT!!! TENACIOUS D!!! A golden age is upon us.
*THE MOVIE (nuff said).
*THE CROWD–Amazing. We were the cultural event. It seems like I knew a full quarter of the audience. The fervor in the audience was something almost religious, and the degree of shared expectation and the premise of collective celebration was incredible. The audience yesterday makes me want to re-read Stuart Hall and Bakhtin. It was the sort of event that contemporary anthropologists (or “culture critics”) live for and study. Of all the things that can be said of my generation, that we lack a sense of irony or a sense of humor is not one of them. This makes me glad and gives me an overwhelming sense of hope.
*THE BEER—Post show decompression at the Hurricane. Jonah, Emily, David, and Peter Woodman. I got marginally drunk, and then pedaled home with Peter on Dexter. I think a single car passed us between Denny and the Fremont bridge.
*THE NEXT MORNING—Sierra waking me up precisely as my alarm trips, telling me to get out of bed. Lo and behold. There are Liz-style pancakes!!! I owe Liz some love. I owe Sierra some love. Liz owes Sierra some love.


Happy Labor Day Mom!!! If you are feeling bored, call my mom and wish her a happy labor day 206-527-6113.


  1. glad you got your pancakes, love.
    happy birthday.

  2. I didn’t make them quite correctly. You’ll need to insruct me upon your return, oh batterly wise one.

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