Posted by: fullandbye | July 31, 2006

to sail

Snooze n’ Cruise was a lot of fun. The more I sail the more I realize how hard it will be for me to ever live in a place where I cannot nurture the habit. I also realize how far I have come and how much I have yet to learn.

What is the pleasure of sailing? It is the pleasure of communing with a force that takes skill to read well. It is the pleasure of using ancient knowledge and analog tools to decide how to trim sail, and it is the pleasure of having your mind in the space between intuition and knowledge, and your body in the space between dominion over nature and surrender to it.


  1. You totally went on snooze n’cruise with my rommates Andy, Fletcher, and Jeremy. This morning they were like “hey, this guy with a beard told us the same story about Zack getting arrested that you did!”
    Further details revealed that the guy with the beard was Jewish and had something to do with honors.
    I assume this is you. If not, someone has stolen your identity.

  2. My identity is too distinct to be stolen. Andy I know, but I do not know Fletcher or Jeremy.
    It was weird sailing to Blake with a big group. I am used to sailing around that area in my friend’s boat, and it was weird experiencing the same currents and the same winds in a boat that handles very differently than what I am used to. You should totally come next time. Sailing is wonderful.

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