Posted by: fullandbye | July 28, 2006

Camping on the floor!

Chez Swank’s halcyon days have passed. Come another week or so, the dimming star will be all but vanished from the Wabi Constellation.

But as the boxes pile up and we prepare to vacate, we twilight Swankers wish to celebrate this maudlin event in pure Swank Style.

Our idea is as follows: Sometime in the very near future (next Saturday perhaps), when the furniture is moved out and the house sits empty and forlorn, we fill the floors one last time with revelers. We drink the damn place dry (because who wants to move bottles, really?) and we have a big slumber party on inflatable mattresses. The following morning, we enlist the many hands of the revelers to make quick work of scrubbing the joint and leaving it clean for the future tenants.

Heads up for details coming down the pipe. I think this event can coincide nicely with the party at Suburbia, so August 5th is the most likely day.

Can you dig it?

This party will be next Friday, August 4th.
Be there or we will taunt you.

Also, I remembered why Sunday morning was better for me than Saturday morning. I have an obligation beginning at 9:00 am Saturday morning. I will probably do a lot of cleaning the previous night/next afternoon so as not to shirk my responsibility to clean up the house.


  1. You know, as much as I always wish I could go to the various shindigs I see happening, this one will really be felt. I wish I could be there for the glorious passing of another fine house and the births of the new ones. I think of all you guys way more than you know.

  2. Oh please no! Can it be any other day? I love Swank parties so much… I’d really hate to have the group split, particularly when loyalty to my house would mean I couldn’t attend at all.
    Seriously, if you wanted to rock any date besides Aug 5, I’d be extremely grateful… not to mention there with bells on!

  3. It would be really nice if we could say goodbye to Suburbia on a different day than the Swank cleaning/reveling party. However, the cleaning party should be on a day when I can actually make it, and since I’m out of town the following weekend and we all work during the day, I’m a bit split. Maybe it could end up being Friday night? I know Jill and I are moving ON Friday, but perhaps after our respective parents have wined and dined and headed to bed, we can all party hearty, sleep, clean for a few hours, then I would be free to go boogie with the ‘rents for the rest of the day. (I see them SO infrequently!)
    Can YOU dig it?

  4. That actually sounds fine with me. The common areas are really the easiest to move, and I would actually feel a bit guilty about enlisting the help of others to clean my room. It would be awesome actually to be completely moved out by Friday and then have the party that night. That sounds pretty reasonable actually.
    August 4th is fine with me.

  5. I dig.

  6. Casey, you of all people would love my new digs. I expect a visit sometime soon!

  7. On a secondary note, I am using the word “actually” way too much. This is a habit I must break.

  8. Like, totally.

  9. WOOOOOO! Thank you guys so much… it’s going on my calendar as we speak!

  10. actually, i think you actually might have picked that from me.

  11. Woohoo, I shall be there!

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