Posted by: fullandbye | July 27, 2006


Sometime soon, who is up for getting some delicious tomatoes and making razpacho with me?


  1. There are few things better on a hot day. I’d be game for some Razpacho, so long as there is some form of bell pepper and onions and other goodies to go along. I’ll bring a good, crisp beer to go with it, like a summer blonde or a good lager. Yum.

  2. Typical ingredients of razpacho:
    Tomatoes, cucumber, red and yellow bell peppers, red onions, avocado, cilantro, small amount of olive oil, cilantro.
    Of course, one should improvise depending on what sorts of vegetable present themselves, but this is the basic list. I really do not understand why people add stale bread to gazpacho. Or why they liquefy it. I prefer for it to be a little chunky.

  3. wait. please tell me these aren’t nir tomatoes. am i missing all of them? i will be so sad.

  4. i have been intending to do something similar myself. you should definately keep me up dated.

  5. better yet, why don’t we just make razpacho in the new place?

  6. I think it would be hilarious if we sent each other memos in the new house though. Once, while we were both living in my dad’s house, my brother and I were working on the same theatrical production and we made a ridiculous habit of communicating by memos posted to each other’s bedroom doors.

  7. Excellent. I haven’t had a good gazpacho since 1998 in Valladolid. Maybe it was Salamanca. That was the trip where I visited Zamora, presumbaly some great great great great grandfther of mine departed from there to go have his way with some Aztec great great great great grandmother of mine.

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