Posted by: fullandbye | July 21, 2006

news and meta-news

The news: This New York Times editorial that I agree with completely.

The meta-news: That I agree completely with a New York Times editorial. (Today did not feel like an ordinary day!)


  1. did you get the costume? tell me that you did! please!

  2. sent email. No news yet.

  3. Good editorial. Did you see the op-eds today from Krugman, Friedman and Koppel? They seem to finally be understanding what’s at stake.
    On a side note: Khameini apparently has vowed heightened involvement (which seems to be a code for committment of Iranian military forces) if any attempt is made to disarm Hezbollah. Not sure to what extent he’s willing to follow through, there, but it certainly makes the stakes clear.

  4. NYtimes really pissed me off when they made times select.
    I might head to a library or newsstand and buy or borrow a paper copy.
    I am amazed Khameini would directly implicate himself like that. I suppose he realizes that world leaders have become more educated with this conflict and he cannot deny involvement.
    Russia stands to profit immensely if Iran’s oil production is slowed. Who is the major petroleum provider to China?

  5. I get the dead-tree edition for the Sunday crossword, so the select thing skipped me. 🙂 Khameini… well, I guess the time for subtlety really has passed. If even Bush and Chirac can figure out what’s going on without too much trouble, there’s really not much point in hiding anymore.
    But Russia seems to have been leaning in the past towards helping Iran… probably partially because they have good routes for exporting Russia’s oil. (The old pipeline to the Black Sea went through Chechnya; the best new route goes through northern Iran) But maybe Putin is up to something else.

  6. Somewhere around 60% of China’s imported* oil comes from the Middle East, and I believe that number is expected to increase.
    *China imports around 30% of its oil.

  7. I was wondering which countries specifically. This could play into how China aligns itself with this conflict (if it decides to choose sides).

  8. Ah, now that I’m not sure about. I know they have interests in Russia and Kazakhistan at least, but no clue as to the proportions.

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