Posted by: fullandbye | June 27, 2006


My friend Rachel is coming into town late this evening and will stay until monday morning.
She will be moving here sometime in August.

Rachel is one of my best friends from my freshman year. She is witty, down to earth, and a lot of fun to be around.

Four questions:

Question the first: Who wants to meet Rachel? (she is full of embarassing stories of me from my younger, wilder days)

Question the second: What is going on between now and Sunday night?

Question the third: If Rachel wishes to participate in Friday’s critical mass, who has an extra geared bicycle she might use?

Question the fourth: Her plane comes in at 10:40 this evening. I will probably be heading south earlier with the intention of hitting up the Seatac taco truck. Who is interested in tagging along?


  1. Well that’s unnerving. I’m sitting in the law school commons and just saw “the duck” roll down memorial way into the heart of campus.
    That said, I’d love to meet Rachel if there’s an opportunity.

  2. If she’s my size and if anyone wants to fix/replace my entirely dead brakes, I have an otherwise functional bike that she’s more than welcome to use.

  3. Is nothing sacred?
    Goddamn the duck. I think the Student Senate should resolve that the Associated Students of the University of Washington do not extend their welcome to the Duck Tour.
    Who knows some senators?

  4. 1. Me.
    2. Riding bikes, drinking beer and watching some TV. Live band are a mystery to me.
    3. Joby? He seems to always have one to fit anybody.
    4. Me, but it depends on the wife and riding plans. You could call me once the details are starting to set up.

  5. save a spot for me in the car. i hope to be back. what time will you be leaving?

  6. i maybe have a rad hot green girls mountain bike for use. i am pretty sure my friend doesn’t give a poop about it.

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