Posted by: fullandbye | June 25, 2006


I learned how to rig a laser today!
Then I sailed it for two hours, during which time I capsized four times.
Tacking is reasonably easy on a laser, jibing is a different story. I am not used to boats that light and responsive.

This weekend has been excellent, and it has had just the right amount of solitude I need for my sanity.

Also, my friend Rachel gets in on Wednesday!!! (more on this later. I need to shower and go to sleep)


  1. oh dogg I can sail a laser and I ain’t never capsized once until they told me I had to to get the safety rating. and don’t think I can’t handle the wind. I bring the laser handling.

  2. dude did you join the club?
    Sailing across the wind is easy on a laser, but maneuvering downwind is a bit difficult. I am used to jibing on keelboats, where you sheet in the main, and then swing the stern 45-90 degrees across the wind before letting out again. I am not used to this “leave the mainsheet all the way out, point dead downwind, push the boom across by hand and then vary your course by a desgree or two” stuff.
    But yeah dude. The club is open to alums. Good times.

  3. when i was much younger, i sailed in those for a bit. but me and my friends were kind of jackasses, and our favorite thing to do pretty much was to play “pirates” – that is, two men on a laser, one to handle, the other to jump to other people’s boats, grab the mast, and tip them over. i think a lot of people found it offensive that this was the best thing we could do with them, but seriously, we were constrained to portage bay so goddamn often.
    and also, it’s a shit-ton of fun.

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