Posted by: fullandbye | June 11, 2006


I think that I have more or less emerged from the funk I was in last week.

A recap of the weekend:

Stayed at work until 6:30 on friday, therefore missing the first part of CHID graduation. Sprinted to the UW and made it from my building to Kane Hall in 19 minutes despite heavy downtown traffic. Watched the CHID graduation with pride and a sort of wistfulness. I with them all the best of luck.

Following the graduation, I liberated a vase of flowers from the lobby of Kane Hall (they were going to be thrown out) and lashed them precariously to my bag. I then biked more slowly than I ever have to Liz’s friend Jake’s house. Where we sat on the porch until late.

Yesterday: Farmer’s market for omelette stuff. Then chilled in the house until it was time to go see “The Refugee All Stars” at the Neptune. So good. Made me miss Africa something awful.

Following the film, rode up to capitol hill to spend time with Kayanna and wish her congratulations on graduating. Then met up with Amy and Liz at the B&O where I closed out the night with a snifter of brandy and chocolate chip cookie.

This bizarre combination led me to consider the Barnea Menu Age Index (BMAI) the BMAI is a number derived from averaging your actual age with the ages connoted by menu items you order in a restaurant. The brandy connoted someone of age 65, while the cookie connoted a five year old (despite the fact that it was served on a doily). I am 23, so my BMAI worked out to 31 years old.

What to do today? I need to do laundry. I need to return a video camera to my cousins. I want to go to Wabi brunch. I want to go to REI. I want to lay in a hammock and read a book. I think that today I will manage to fulfill both my obligations and my desires. I really could not ask for more.


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