Posted by: fullandbye | May 15, 2006

love and leather (not what you think)

Love comes in many forms.

One of them is sitting on the floor of kinkos at 2:00 in the morning, overhauling a resume that is a component of an architecture application portfolio due in 14 hours.

If you see Liz today, wish her good luck.

And if I seem at all cranky, it is for three reasons that have nothing to do with you.

Reason the first: It is criminal to be inside on a day like today.
Reason the second: I slept very little last night.
Reason the third: I got one of these sexy sexy beauties, and my butt is not at all pleased with my choice. I anticipate that after a few hundred miles it will conform better to my tush, but for now, my ass is pretty unhappy.


  1. You’re a good man.
    Good luck to your ass.

  2. make sure you slather that thing in proofide. i love my brooks!

  3. I have been working some in whenever I get a chance.
    I was actually considering liquefying the proofide over low heat and pouring an entire tin into the underside of the saddle. Do you think that this sort of saturation is overkill? How did you break your saddle in? How many miles till it was pleasant to roll?

  4. thank you, love.

  5. the brooks saddles have always looked mighty uncomfy to me. i’ve never understood what the draw is. can you enlighten me?

  6. I cannot enlighten you yet as to their comfort. Maybe after several hundred miles. I think they look lovely, and their longevity is legendary. A quarter of a century (or 300,000 miles, whichever comes first) is not at all out of the ordinary for a Brooks, assuming care and maintenance.
    But I hear that once broken in, they are extremely supportive and comfortable.
    I guess the debate is much like the debate over wearing shoes with lots of padding versus shoes with great form.
    Birkenstocks and danskos are not soft, but they conform to your foot and support it perfectly. I think this makes them more comfortable than shoes that are really padded but not supportive. Likewise, Brooks are not soft, but once they assume your shape, they support you perfectly. One guy I met commented that his Brooks saddle waslike “a park bench for my nuts”.

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