Posted by: fullandbye | April 21, 2006

What is the plural of “faux pas”?

Oh man, there are few things funnier than faux pas that broadcast information to a much larger audience than was originally intended.

My mother said some really loud and inappropriate things in a restaurant. (A restaurant that thankfully plays really loud music).

And the CHID advisor (friend of mine) sent to the departmental listserve a reply to a mildly personal email I sent to her.

When we reveal our silly humanity, I get warm and fuzzy.

The warm and fuzzy feeling could also possibly be the tummy rumblies from the 1/3 of a Gorditos burrito that I ate for dinner (hooray for leftovers!).

And coming home from Greenwood I almost got hit by a car in clear violation of traffic law.



  1. the plural of faux pas is faux pas.
    it’s a weird one. neither “faux” nor “pas” differs at all between plural and singular.

  2. The plural of ‘faux pas’ is ‘faux pas’. Or was the title sarcasm?

  3. Curses! I was three minutes too late.

  4. I was not being facetious. I actually had no idea how to pluralize faux pas.

  5. Usually in french the ‘x’ denotes plural (chateau, chateaux) so it’s already sort of a plural form I guess. That’s about all I know about French.

  6. I think there should be a movement to make the plural ‘faux pez’.

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