Posted by: fullandbye | April 19, 2006

To anyone who has ever been on an email listserve with me…

O ye inboxed masses, many of whom have been on various listserves with me at one time or another, answer me this question please.

Do I come across as a total dick on mailing lists?

Thanks to .83 people for answering this question, but I was really more concerned with a handful of UW email listserves (RRC and CHIDchat to be particular). Still, I appreciate your feedback…

(note, this is not an invitation to publicly ponder over whether or not I am an asshole in real life, the question is simple and should please be answered as directly as possible).


  1. you are so not an asshole. people like henry? they come across as assholes. people like derrick? them too. they make a semi-inacccurate bad name for themselves. you’re not even doing that much.
    way to go, raz!

  2. absolutely not.
    though i don’t think i was on the listserv that got you your very own facebook group.

  3. not in the least

  4. wtf
    you went to lakeside?!

  5. Re: wtf
    yes, for a bit. 6th thru 9th. in 9th grade, i was kind of a passive-agressive little shit, and got masterson, van dyke, and elaine christenson (did she last long? i forget.) upset enough with me that i had to leave.
    the only person i really still talk to regularly from there is mr. josh stillman, if you knew him.

  6. sir, just today it was discussed:
    i: i think what the RRC list is missing is raz.
    so yes and no. only enough so to be appreciated.

  7. Oh, man, like you’re going to trcik me into giving you honest feedback twice? I think not!

  8. Goddammit! Why aren’t you more of an asshat?

  9. As I think I made clear last night, I don’t find your posts to CHIDchat obnoxious. In fact, they are often some of the more useful or edifying posts (well, ok, not the polls about burping). And even if the wording occasionally makes you sound like a pompous ass (but only if the reader misses the sarcasm), you back yourself up with facts.

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