Posted by: fullandbye | April 3, 2006


This past weekend was excellent.

Greenlake Midnight race was about as awesome as could be hoped for. Brandon and I rocked the crazybikes category on Chris’s sweet tandem. There was another tandem racing too, and they had a really substantial lead on us, but we caught up in the last mile and ended up placing fourth overall I think. The ride was terrifying and wet, but Brandon’s piloting skills are excellent, and we plowed at speed into turns with nary a twitch. All the more impressive considering that the tandem was poorly adjusted for Brandon (and for me), that the handlebars are too narrow, that the brakes need adjustment, that visibility was really poor, and that Brandon had never run that course at speed before, let alone at speed in the dark of a moonless night. It was awesome.

Saturday morning volunteering at the Center for Wooden Boats. Good times as usual. More and more I feel like a part of that community. The Peapod that I varnished is looking lovelier and lovelier.

The afternoon saw an adventure to W. Seattle to deliver food to Aaron of Point 83. Browsed around his bike shop for a bit, then headed homewards. That evening Julia, Liz and I had dinner and then attended the Goldberg Variations dance concert at On The Boards. The concert easily ranks towards the top of of my list of five all time greatest pieces of performance art. I wish I had seen it all three nights it was showing. So exquisite. If I see one piece of performance art that good per decade, I will consider myself blessed.

Yesterdaw was generally quite mellow. Slept in, then brunch at my house with the housemates and SO’s. Following brunch we all rode our bikes to Fremont for the flea market, where Michelle bought a vintage croquet set and I wandered around.

Rode home via the cherry blossoms and spent the afternoon attempting to fix Michelle’s fucked rear wheel (the bikeyard does not have the appropriate freewheel remover!) and then went to see Michelle’s play which was fluffy but entertaining.

Hung out with the masses at home yesterday and retired at 11:30 12:30.

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