Posted by: fullandbye | March 31, 2006

fame at my (mom’s) doorstep

My mom just called me and invited me to have dinner on Tuesday with a very interesting guest.
Who is the guest you might wonder?
The guest is none other than “Dr. Yuck”, the pediatrician who led the 1971 study to develop a better emblem for marking household toxics than the skull and crossbones and came up with this:

He invented Mr. Yuck!! The guy is a genius! His sticker has proven repulsive and terrifying to children around the world! And he is coming over for dinner! Words fail me! I am so excited!!



  1. I love you Raz.

  2. That’s awesome! Why’s he having dinner with your mom? Or rather, what does your mom do?

  3. my mom is a physician.
    She works in a federal prison.
    One of her inmates once shoved two oranges up his ass.

  4. I believe that man saved my life on more than a few occassions. Do pass along my thanks, would you?

  5. you’re having dinner with the man who invented Mr Yuk??
    that is soooo cool!!!

  6. woot. i get to meet him too. and i am thrilled. chris suggests i make the yuk face randomly at dinner. watch out. i just might.

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