Posted by: fullandbye | March 31, 2006

somewhat poetic

I am all alone in the office today.
And it has been an extraordinary day.
A window washer on a bo’suns seat washed our windows.
Then we had multiple visitors to the office trying to sell things.
And then a really massive conference call.

Critical mass in a little more than an hour!
And Greenlake race tonight at midnight!!!



  1. How was Critical Mass? I dearly wanted to go, however, I broke a spoke Wednesday. I was hoping to fix it earlier, but getting a lease took WAAAAY longer than I expected, and I wasn’t able to figure out how to remove my freewheel when I went to the bike shack myself. For some reason, over an entire half hour I neglected to notice “freewheel remover” on the top of the tool wall despite looking over and over. When I went back later, hoping to maybe do it in half an hour, it took me and another guy several minutes to do it since both of us were replacing one spoke and both had very very hard to undo freewheels.

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