Posted by: fullandbye | March 26, 2006

a nearly ideal saturday

What an excellent day.

Woke up rested and went to the center for wooden boats to volunteer. Stripped, sanded, and applied a coat of sealer to the gunwale of a lovely East Coast lobster-hauling rowboat. It will look lovely when the brightwork is done and we strike a waterline.

When I was through vounteering, I took a small keelboat out for “sea trials” with one of the other volunteers, who was also a sailing instructor. Sailing was fast and exciting. Borderline reefing conditions–we decided to play dangerously and had the water nearly up the coaming when we were fully heeled and close to the wind. Awesome time.

Went to REI and used my dividend plus 20% off to buy some really snazzy treking poles I have been eyeing for awhile. Incidentally, the bike shop at REI sucks even more than I remember.

Came home and took a very brief nap, then took Chris’s tandem to the bikeyard and attempted to overhaul the pilot bottom bracket. The bikeyard does not have the tool to pull the weird crank on the bike, so I ended up tightening the shit out of the lockring, and that seemed to totally take care of the wobbly bottom bracket. Incidentally, that tandem is hella fun, even if it does need work. I also had the lockring wrench take a bite out of my thumb. This was the lowpoint of my day.

Rode my bicycle up to the dad’s house for dinner. Spent time with family.

Made it home in record time and breezed to the aiport to pick up Mo.

Reason the billionth why I love Mo:
Reptar had escaped from his aquarium during Mo’s absence. Panic ensued, as it was entirely likely that the cold blooded iguana had developed hypothermia out of his cage.
I discovered him atop the shelf in Cait and Sarah’s dresser. Wondering how to warm him up in a big hurry I got the bright notion to use a hairdryer to warm the air in his aquarium really fast.
It dawned upon me as I blasted warm air over the beast and watched his color change from black to green:
Never before in my life have I been called upon to save the life of a critically frigid iguana by blasting it with a hairdryer.
Only with Mo could I possibly be having an experience this extraordinary, but totally logical.

Then I came home to my housemates and got into a discussion about (among other, less important issues) the merits of trimming one’s chode.

Ugh. Where did I put my chapstick? My lips hurt real bad!


  1. You’re so cool
    Thanks for saving Reptar Raz! Also, what’s a chode?

  2. Re: You’re so cool
    uh…chode is the “no man’s land” between a dude’s junk and his ass.

  3. Re: You’re so cool
    why on earth were you talking about that?

  4. also known as a taint.

  5. Re: You’re so cool
    my dear, why do we ever talk about anything important?

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