Posted by: fullandbye | March 24, 2006

To the asshat who collided with a cyclist on a .83 ride…

To the bitchass motherfucker who has a DUI on his license already,
and who blared his horn at us while we were riding in front of him,
and who tried to pass a line of cyclists nearly 100 yards long and instead was forced to merge back into traffic by an oncoming car,
and who rear-ended a cyclist when he was forced to merge (a cyclist wearing the brightest reflective orange shirt EVER no less),
and who then tried to flee from the scene,
and who then tried to blame it on us,
and who then lied through his teeth to the police,
Fuck you.

I called 911 when our man was down. The police have my contact information, and you bet your punk ass I will testify when you try to appeal your reckless driving charge. That’s right, on further consideration and after hearing more witnesses describe the event, the police decided to charge you with the felony of reckless driving, rather than cite you with the minor infraction of a rear-end collision.

Fuck you. A cyclist was killed this week in this city, and another spent five days in the ICU because of scrotum lice such as you. It is a wonder you did not send our friend to the ER you chode maggot.

Fuck you. You have no idea the lethality of your behavior, you think you own the road, and the public should not grace your dumbfuck ass with the privilege of driving ever again.

Fuck you.


  1. Yep, fuck ’em.
    But, scrotum lice? *hahaha*
    The guy no doubt could stand not to have a driver’s license, but I do love the inventive invectives that anger inspires.
    I’m glad you plan to testify.

  2. it was really scary.
    I am still pissed.

  3. Was everyone okay? How’d you stop him from fleeing the scene?
    I’m glad they’re at least charging him with a felony. Nail his ass to the wall, dude.

  4. everyone is fine.
    We laid our bikes down in front of his car and positioned ourselves around the car too.
    If he loses on his DUI and also on this charge, I can only imagine the consequences.
    Lots of cyclists getting hit these days…

  5. 99% of the drivers in Seattle are very courteous and aware of cyclists. It’s the 1% that are having a bad day / month / life and who feel it’s their right to kick our ass if we’re in their way.
    I’ve seen more and more of them lately…

  6. It is true.
    But those 1% are a dangerous 1%.
    How is your mouth? Do you have enough food that needs no chewing?

  7. I’m good, it went really well. Just novacaine, then advil. The bleeding stopped after a couple hours, then I had a beer at 9pm and it started again, damn thinning of the blood… 🙂
    No aches today.

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