Posted by: fullandbye | March 24, 2006

pointless things

Beating out this, this, and even this, I am pretty convinced that the weather widget for Tiger is the most pointless thing ever.
Is it that hard to build a functional weather widget? What ass does this program pull its information from?


  1. i don’t know, dear… i wouldn’t mock the inventions you’ve got there. ok. perhaps the noodle thing. that one’s pretty ridiculous.

  2. It pulls it’s information from instead of somewhere reasonable like, say, NOAA.
    I can’t tell you how many times its been sunny at midnight here in Lincoln. The weather is strange, but really, not that strange.

  3. I have been wondering about this.
    That seems really strange that it does not pull from NOAA. Of all the programs that we pour our tax dollars into, the National Weather Service is one whose performance is really quite remarkable. And the data from NOAA is fo frizzle.

  4. the noodle thing is the one I think I would use the most. Than Brothers should rent them.

  5. The widget exists because NOAA is banned from creating actual end-user services or programs because it competes with private business.

  6. i don’t understand. is it just supposed to cool them down? because it looks like a professional blowing machine. you’d get broth all over the place.

  7. this might be true, but the data they provide is used by all sorts of people and organizations. The widget is not a NOAA widget, but I think it could use NOAA data.

  8. Like…who sued them for competition. Which that’s who the widget uses for info, right?

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