Posted by: fullandbye | February 10, 2006

tour de taco bus

I returned from Arizona yesterday, I will cap the trip later (and post photos!)

This post is to comment on the GORGEOUS weather in Seattle. I love this city on clear February days. The sun is shining over Seattle, the water of Elliot Bay is blue and dotted by whitecaps. I love this city so much.

And I am a bit sore. Point 83 decided to go on a “tour de taco bus” ride yesterday. Instead of heading into Rainier Valley, we scaled the West Seattle hill and went tooling around White Center on a wild goose chase for taco trucks that yielded taco trucks that were either closed or had driven to some unknown location. Before we even made it to White Center, the group had a series of mechanicals: three flat tires and a broken chain made for lots of standing around. Finally at about 9:40 or so (20 minutes before they closed) we descended upon an open taco truck in…Seatac. The group had started at around 30 people or so, and by the time we reached Taco bus our numbers had dwindled to around 20. After devouring tacos our cold bodies demanded more exertion to keep warm, and so we coasted down International Boulevard before cutting over to Airport Way and speeding along the eastern edge of Boeing Field to a bar in Georgetown.

It was after 11pm by this time, and the thought of drinking was a lot less appealing than the thought of hot shower and warm bed, and so I rode north with two like-minded cyclists.

Ride average speed: about 14mph (I generally rode with the faster pack)
My total distance yesterday: 35 miles.
Hell yeah. I needed a ride like that. But there is NO WAY I am doing the STP on Charlotte. She is springy, red, sexy, and fast. But her aggressive geometry makes her a poor choice for doing much other than commuting.


  1. Was the bar Smarty Pants? I absolutely love that place, they have great food as well as their well-priced beer.
    Doesn’t sound like you really went in to whichever bar, but if you’re ever in Georgetown again, look it up.

  2. so you are doing STP then?

  3. They went to Nine Pound Hammer.
    I would love to do a bicycle tour of Georgetown Bars. Every time I go to that neighborhood I am more and more impressed with the number of gritty industrial style hangouts.

  4. Yes.
    I would like to do it in one day, but we shall see if this actually pans out.
    You need to come to .83 rides.

  5. I do indeed, but I need to get my ducks in a row with scholastics first (and polyphasic sleeping). I am really pleased by the weather, though 🙂

  6. must update you.
    and seattle weather like today is amazing.

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