Posted by: fullandbye | February 6, 2006


I am in Arizona.
Flew into Phoenix this morning, and met with a BLM officer for an hour or so after wandering around the soulless void of Phoenix. I could never live in a city like this. The sprawl is beyond my imagination.

Following this meeting we made our way to Tucson, where we checked into a hotel and met an old ECO employee for dinner.

Now I am sitting in the hotel lobby of a really weird 80’s hotel in Tucson. I like Tucson. It is possessed of a charm, lots of cyclists, and pleasant weather. It has a wonderful community feel. I would actually like to come back here and spend some time on my own exploring.

Tomorrow we have a workshop in Empire Ranch. Then we drive several hours north to Flagstaff for the next two nights. I broke a rule of mine by not checking on weather before I travel. It is in the teens in Flagstaff, and I only brought clothes for summer. Fortunately, I also packed a bunch of swag in my bag which we will give away tomorrow, meaning that if I buy a cheap jacket, I will have ample room to bring it back. Or I could just freeze.

Business travel is a whole different world. This hotel is largely filled with business travelers. Now and then some extremely natty and very drunk Indian men wander through the lobby. I think there is a gold and gems merchant convention in town. I feel way to young to be a part of this scene.

Then again, I hardly feel a part of this scene.

Up at 4:30 this morning means it is about time for me to go to sleep.
Photos when I get back.

There is a really austere beauty to the desert. In the twilight hours, the harshness of the desert softens as the brittle light of day stretches out into shadows that seemt to end at the horizon. The swaying of palms, the purple of the foothills in the distance, a lone songbird perched precariously on a saguaro cactus, it is so beautiful.


  1. You’ll like Flagstaff, I think. It’s the Corvallis of Arizona. There’s a nice Goodwill, a hippy food store, and the San Francisco range right next door.

  2. yeah, Phoenix is pretty gross for sprawl. tucson is much better than phoenix, although I still disagree with it and most of Arizona being supported by the Central Arizona Project that diverts water from teh Colorado River…mostly for golf courses and lawns.
    you’re in tucson doing enviro-related stuff huh? If you see anyone from teh Udall Foundation, I say hi. Melissa Millage and a couple other people will know who I am. if you see them.
    otherwise, I might ask you about your trip when you get back – I’m intensely interested.
    hope Flagstaff is good. I’ve only been in Arizona in the summer.
    ironically – it’s been sunny and over 50 (warm) for the last two days here.
    and yes – saguaro are amazing. you’re not going to get to go to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum are you? it’s near tucson, and it’s amazing.


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