Posted by: fullandbye | November 11, 2005


The coring platform is assembled.
We are all wet:
Mo stepped in too deep and water came in over her boot tops.
Andy has a tiny leak in his chest-waders.
Liz took a dive and fell in up to her butt (she had the worst of it).
I crouched down at an angle enough to let water over the top of my right boot.
Chris made the mistake of putting on Andy’s boots that were still wet from an earlier adventure.

Wenatchee is strange place indeed. I have not been here in years. The mountains are lovely though. And the weather was more or less cooperative today. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Off to shower and change into some dry socks.


  1. i did not “dive.” if years of dancing has taught me anything, it’s that you fall as slowly as possible. i sat, and held the already waterproof camera out of the water.

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